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Website Systems Integrations

Build custom integrations with your third party applications such as SalesForce, SugarCRM, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Send data directly to your CRM

Generate more leads by capturing data from your website forms and process straight into your CRM. Enable your marketing team to segment website visitors using data from your CRM and personalize their experience with relevant content and calls to action.


Connect your Solodev Deployment to the most popular CRM system on the planet.


Connect your Solodev Deployment to SugarCRM and bring sales under the Solodev umbrella.

Microsoft Dynamics

Directly integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your Solodev websites.

Email/Marketing Automation

Connect to your marketing systems

Deliver a consistent customer experience by sharing data between your website and marketing automation system. Improve conversions and sales by integrating your web forms with your marketing automation vendor to capture data, generate leads, and trigger nurturing emails.


Share information and activity between your Solodev Website and Marketo.


Connect to Pardot and access and update all of your data from the Solodev Platform.


Sync Solodev and MailChimp and create web hooks to collect data in real time.


Extend the functionality of Solodev with the Eloqua Marketing Cloud.

Net Results

Integrate with Net Results and trigger email campaigns from Solodev.

Constant Contact

Integrate with Constant Contact and manage nurturing campaigns from Solodev.